Tuesday, September 9, 2014

VT Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival News & Announcements

Updated: Sept. 12, 2014
Defending champ is not defending.

Dwight Snowberger, two-time Grand prize winner from Connecticut is not able to defend his title at this year's festival, because he is working in England. A new champion will be crowned!

The smart money is on Team Jordan which has come in 2nd twice, making them very hungry. Dark horse teams are: Nick Helms (5x competitor), Cambridge Cub Scouts (5x competitor), Chris McGrody (Heavyweight winner 2013), Plattsburgh Physics (Grand prize winner 2011), Cambridge Boy Scouts (Middleweight winner 2011).
Entertainment will include three bands featuring House Dunn, a bounce house and other kid activities, Nightmare Vermont roaming the field with scary creatures, food, beer, wine, chili cook-off, and popcorn. Here are some details you should know before you head out.
  • Free parking. Just before the Sunset Grill on Cottage Club Road. Look for signs on Rt 100 or Mountain Road in Stowe.
  • Handicap parking at event field.
  • Free shuttle from parking area to event field (if a ¼ mile walk is too taxing)
  • Please no dogs or outside food or beverages.

11am: Gates open for spectators. John Smyth, a singer/songwriter performs while you check out the trebuchet teams preparing for competition.

12:15pm the Chili Cook-off Contest begins. For $5 you can sample the chili and vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Best chili get $100, 2nd gets $50, 3rd get $25. (The cook-off goes until the end of festival or we are out of chili.)

12:15 Festival introduction: Founder, Dave Jordan, will explain with a trebuchet is, discuss motivation for festival, weight classes, design concepts.

12:30: First round: The MC starts with the Lightweight Division and asks each team to fire their weapon when ready. The teams have 1 minute to fire, then the MC moves to the next team. After all the lightweights have fired, we move to the Middleweights, and onto the Heavyweights, then we take a break to hear some excellent music by House Dunn.

1:30: Second round: Same as first round. Ball Hammock band plays.

2:30: Third round: Same as second. House Dunn band plays.

3:30: Announce winners and awards prizes. Grand prize of Best Design get $100, the winners of each division get $50.

Lamoille Family Center will sponsor kid activities during 12:30 to 3:30. Most of the activities will be free, or with a nominal fee to cover expenses. There will be a bounce house. Also Nightmare Vermont has volunteered to provide scary creatures to enhance the event.

Stoweflake Resort will serve food, beer and wine. You can also sample the chili and help vote for the winners. Stowe Youth Hockey will also be selling popcorn.
Notes for trebuchet competitors:

Registration starts at 10am, Sunday, Sept 28, 2014. Trebuchet teams can set up the day before on the Stoweflake Event field (Saturday), if desired. All trebuchets must be weighed and measured for registration, so please don't leave them staked down until after they are registered. The heavyweights are difficult because it takes 4 people to lift them and put them on the scales. Also all pumpkins must be weighed to make sure they are heavy enough. Please bring your own pumpkins, at least 3, 1 for each round. Round 1 starts at 12:30. You have 1 minute to fire your weapon.

Please be ready to fire when your turn comes so we can keep things moving along. Each division has their own tournament, $50 goes to the winner, with trophies being awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The 4 winners compete for the grand prize based on who threw the farthest after being adjusted for their height. The Grand prize winners gets an extra $50 bringing their prize money to $100. The last 4 years, the Middleweight Open Division has won the Grand Prize.

Any questions or to sign up contact Dave Jordan via email at Djordan@gmavt.net to let me know you are planning on competing and which division (Heavyweight, Middleweight Open, Middleweight Junior, Lightweight). Don't send any money. It is easier to collect the money on Sunday. Each competitor pays $5. Each spectator over 4 years old, also pays $5. So anybody coming into the festival pays $5.
Notes for chili cook-off competitors:

Be ready to serve at 12:15pm. Bring at least 2 gallons of chili to be judged. Tables, electricity and tents will be provided. Bring your own chairs, if desired. Spoons and bowls will be provided. Citizen's choice, the public will vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. First place gets $100, 2nd gets $50 and 3rd gets $25.

Any questions or to sign up contact Deb Papineau at Deb's Place (deb@debsplace.com)

There are only 19 days until the 6th Annual Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival