Friday, August 30, 2013

Chili Cookoff Contest at Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin'

Chili Cook-off at Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival
There will be a savory #ChiliCookoff contest at this year's Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival, Sunday, September 29th, 2013.

Celebrity Judges/People's Choice Hybrid Chili Cookoff Contest

Currently we have 8 celebrity judges lined up:
  • JB McKinley: Editor of News and Citizen
  • Latan Detore: Stowe Attorney
  • David Stackpole: Stowe Attorney
  • Bobby and Alice Roberts: Mountain Associates Realtors
  • Chris Jordan: Morrison's Cafeteria Manager for 40 years in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, FL
  • Kyle Midura: WCAX TV
  • Biddle Duke: Owner of Stowe Reporter
  • Chris Francis (owner of Ye Olde England Inne)
Each of these judges will do a blind sample of each competitors chili and get 10 votes for Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each festival participant will pay $5 for a similar sample and get 1 vote for Gold, Silver and Bronze. At the end, the votes are counted and the Gold winner receives a trophy and $100, Silver gets a trophy and $50, Bronze gets a trophy and $25,

Neil Handwerger, the owner of Cafe On Main in Stowe, has graciously agreed to run the chili cookoff. I"m sure it will involve a lot of work and planning, with no financial reward, so please stop in at his wonderful cafe on Main St. Stowe for breakfast or lunch. Also he is the guy to contact for questions and registration. So far we've only got two three entries, so spread the word.

Entries so far:
  • Rich Hobbs: Owner of Sunset Grill, Stowe
  • Regina Crosby: Owner of Stowe Barber Shop
  • Deb Papineau (Owner of Deb's Place in Morrisville)
#ChiliCookoff Rules:
  1. Contact Neil Handwerger via email to register or ask questions: email:
  2. Each competitor must supply 2 gallons of chili to be judged by the celebrity and non-celebrity judges.
  3. Entry is free for the competitor and up to 4 of his team to the competition and festival. Any more than 5 in a team will be charged $5 to get into the festival.
  4. No electricity or tents will be provided. Portable burners are allowed. Update: we will be able to provide electricity.
  5. Event goes on rain or shine, so come prepared with a canopy.
  6. Seating: Not provided, bring your own, if desired.
  7. Bowls and spoons and samplers will be provided.