Monday, June 18, 2012

Da Vinci Day

The Da Vinci Day that was held by the Lyme School, on May19, 2012, was a big success. Junior trebuchet builders had a chance to show off their engineering skills.

The Lyme School Newsletter reported:
Encouraging students to think creatively, be curious, challenge themselves, take risks and be comfortable communicating their ideas. These event as well as those mentioned above are just a few of the opportunities that students have to strengthen these habits. They are also opportunities for us to have fun and appreciate how talented, knowledgeable and creative we all are (as well as get splattered by dye filled water balloons launched by trebuchets-- resulting in a Lyme version of “tie dye” - now known as “trebu-dye”).

Many have already asked whether we will have a Da Vinci Day next year and what the “Challenge Build” will be. The answer is ABSOLUTELY there will be a Davinci day! And as for what the challenge will be?... You will have to wait and see, but it will result in splatter. Thanks to all that volunteered and helped raise over $2,500 for the LIFE fund and the programs like Spanish and Inquiry Based Science.
Here are some photos from the trebuchet event at the Lyme School's Da Vinci Day:

A very cool wheeled, red Floating Arm Trebuchet (FAT) at Da Vinci Day
A Lyme original, Trebu-dyed shirt!