Friday, December 3, 2010

Pumpkin Chuckin' Roundup

Science Channel has the Pumpkin Hand

Here are some things in the world of pumpkin chuckin' that caught our eye.

The Science Channel scored a ratings home run, or an epic hurl if you prefer, with their Myth Busters hosted telecast of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin on Thanksgiving evening, Nov. 25th.
Punkin Chunkin Splatters Simulcast Ratings Record for Discovery Channel, Science Channel --
  • Special Delivers 4 Million Gross Average (P2+) Viewers
  • World Premiere Simulcast Gives Science Channel Highest Rating in Network History
Zap2it / TV by the Numbers:
Driven By 'Punkin Chunkin,' 'Cold Diggers,' and 'How It's Made' Science Channel Posts Best Month Ever in November
Add your own caption to this one from Punkin Chunkin.

Something about Pumpkin Chunkin' inspires musical creativity. Please send us an email or a tweet if you know where the Science Channel is hiding the mp3 for that catchy Punkin Chunkin tune they used as background music on their promotional video for the Punkin Chunkin show. It's the one minute video entitled "Punkin Chunkin 2010" here on this Science Channel link.
Best of Punkin Chunkin videos

Here's another musical take on pumpkin hurling by Doug James.
Ode to Chunkin -- song returns for anniversary -- Those who think three days of Punkin Chunkin isn't enough can be reminded of the event all year long by listening to the "Punkin Chunkin Song."

Originally recorded and released in 1992 by Doug James, the tune is back on the market in celebration of the event's 25th anniversary. The song may be purchased online, and a portion of all proceeds will go to charity...
 Sound Clip of a Doug James Punkin Chunkin song
The lyrics to yet another pumpkin ode.
25th Anniversary World Punkin Chunkin Championships -- ... the official Punkin Chunkin song (yes, there's a song, we're not making this up), written 1989 by William and Dawn Thompson, has become a traditional part of the event's daily opening ceremonies. It's pasted below for your viewing pleasure:
It was the end of October, the beginning of November.
The air was cold and clear and I said, Boys listen here,
I think I can make a punkin fly.
John said, Cannot. I said, Can too.
So we put that punkin in a bucket, swung around, away it flew.
John said, No fair. We said, Hell, it's in the air.
So the challenge was made and the gauntlet was laid
To build a machine to power a punkin through the air.
John said, Springs are the way to go. Bill said, I don't believe so.
It's Punkin Chunkin time again.
Come on, all you neighbors and friends.
I'll show you how to make a punkin fly ... rain, snow or blow.
Them punkins are gonna go!
A music video remix of Punkin Chunkin.

Plus, we also, of course, have our own VTPC Trebuchet Song. Not as polished as the above, but hey we're on a budget.
Tech. talk: A very interesting discussion about the use of a free falling counter-weight on your trebuchet. Has links to videos of interesting trebs.
Free Falling CW
Only 302 days until next year's pumpkin carnage at the Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival.

Death to All Pumpkins