Monday, January 18, 2010

Ginormous American Chunker will be coming to 2nd VTPC Festival

Great news! We have a huge (over 100 foot) air cannon signed up for this year's event on Oct 3rd, 2010! A team from New Hampshire (website: is looking for some practice events before entering the world championships in Delaware in Nov. 2010. Their goal is to not only win the competition, but to crack the 1 mile mark, the holy grail of pumpkin chunkin!

We are delighted to have a "big boy" at our event and have created a separate category (Unlimited air cannon) so the trebuchets will not compete against the air cannons. The rules will be exactly the same at the world championships's. I believe they require a 8 to 10 pound pumpkin, with no wadding allowed.

An innovative group of southern NH folks have designed and built this massive pumpkin launching device intended to shoot pumpkins over 1 mile. This crew knows pumpkins and they know how to make them sail. The huge air cannon has a barrel that is well over triple digits in feet and has a tank that hold hundreds of gallons of compressed air. The group has plans on traveling up and down the eastern seaboard this fall showing off their new state of the art air cannon. The cannon has multiple features never seen on any competition air cannon. Team Captain Brian Labrie says "This cannon is built for speed and comfort". Labrie a local NH business owner and cannon enthusist also stated "we will travel this fall and play around at some local events but when we get to Delaware it's showtime...we are there for one reason and that is to break the mile mark". Stay tuned as the April 1st unveiling draws near...
A little math, a little science, the right ammo, and a very big truck...

American Chunker