Thursday, September 3, 2009

List of Entries in the Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival

Current list of trebuchets entered in 2009 tournament:
1. Captain: Dave Jordan
Team members: Melissa Jordan
Representing: Robot Optimizers Incorporated
Division: Heavyweight
Name of Trebuchet: Bad Boomer

2. Captain: Michael Wallace
Team members: Wallace family
Representing: Connecticut
Division: Middleweight
Name of Trebuchet: Pumpkin Chuckin Airlines
Adult advisor(s): Bruce Wallace, Joyce Wallace

3. Captain: Rogers family
Team members: unknown
Representing: Jeffersonville, VT
Division: Throw for show
Name of Slingshot: Unknown
Adult advisor: Annie

4. Captain: Roger Allen
Team members: Troop 39 Boy Scouts
Representing: Troop 39 Boy Scouts
Division: Middleweight
Name of trebuchet: T-Rex
Adult Advisor: Roger Allen

5. Representing: Enosburg Falls High School Physics
Division: Heavyweight
Name of Trebuchet: Moofasa
Adult advisor: Ryan Bushey

6. Captain: Unknown
Team members: Unknown
Representing: Cub Scout Troop #839 of Cambridge
Division: Lightweight
Name of Trebuchet: Giantslayer
Adult Advisor: Tom Cook

7. Captain: Dave Barrows
Team members: Unknown
Representing: Morrisville/Stowe
Name of Trebuchet: Unknown

8. Captain: James Spanier
Team members: Unknown
Representing: Cambridge?
Name of Trebuchet: Unknown (May I suggest the Spanier Slinger?)

Current list of bands entered in battle-of-bands tournament: (Time slots are awarded in reverse order to when entry is received, the earlier the band enters, the later it plays)

1. Main contact: Dave Jordan
Band name: Honeybee
Type of music: soft rock
Time slot: 12:10 to 12:30

2. Main contact: Ian Robertson
Band name: Stonecutters
Type of music: Rock
Time slot: 11:30 to 12:10