Thursday, December 3, 2009

Science Channel Covers Punkin Chunkin

Did you watch the Science Channel's coverage of the 2009 World Championship Punkin Chunkin (WCPC) from Bridgeville, Delaware? They have two, one hour shows: Road To Punkin Chunkin and Punkin Chunkin 2009 devoted to the event. They have been airing the shows periodically since Thanksgiving. and will re-broadcast them occasionally. Check the Science Channel schedule. The Science Channel website also has info about pumpkin hurling, the official results, and mucho video from the the event (links below).

Punkin Chunkin: The Science Channel
Punkin Chunkin -- Zach Selwyn and Mike Senese host the 2009 Punkin' Chunkin' World Championships from Bridgeville, Delaware. 110 teams of backyard engineers will attempt to launch a pumpkin as far as possible and take home the title of the world's furthest chunk.
2009 Punkin Chunkin Results -- Get the official results here, down to the foot! has posted over 24 video chips about the event: Punkin Chunkin 2009 Videos

In an interesting footnote, you'll hear Steve Seigars, owner of the Yankee Siege Trebuchet, current world champion and record holder in that class, say he's probably got the most inefficient hurling machine in the competition. They're only winning and able to go over 2000' because they are big in height and counterweight. discussed the Science Channel's coverage and also has a discussion regarding how the cost to enter the WCPC is going up.


Remember, there are only 303 days or 10 months until our next Vermont Punkin Chunkin' Festival on October 3, 2010. It's design time for next year's pumpkin hurling masterpiece.

Check out these Youtube videos for a look at an innovative "F2K" trebuchet design.